Energy Efficiency Efforts

The Hamilton Township Municipal Government, for many years, has been committed to and implemented numerous energy conservation efforts (which continue on an annual basis through various infrastructure maintenance projects). Some of these efforts include:

  • Upgrading to LED lighting in several Township buildings and facilities
  • Installing LED lights on park athletic fields (and coming plans to install LED lights at Kuser Park)
  • Using solar panels and two waste oil heating systems at our Public Works Department Garage
  • Participating in State of New Jersey sponsored energy efficiency programs and initiatives to fund efficiency upgrade projects
  • Installing a modernized air conditioning system and efficient windows in our Municipal Building to reduce energy usage
  • Placing lighting controls, where applicable, in various Township buildings
  • When conducting needed building maintenance products, using materials and methods to increase each facility's energy efficiency
  • Implementing an anti-idling policy for Township vehicles (when not actively conducting work responsibilities)
  • Planting shade trees in public rights-of-way (which reduce energy costs)
  • Holding rain barrel workshops in coordination with Rutgers Cooperative Extension Water Resources Program (which helps residents conserve more water, thereby reducing water costs and energy costs associated with the treatment of drinking water)

To decrease air pollution, Hamilton Township was the first in the state to require the use of cleaner natural gas solid waste (garbage) vehicles as an alternative to diesel-powered vehicles.

Throughout our community, Public Service Electric and Gas (the area utility) has previously installed many solar panels on local utility poles, as well as installed energy efficient public street lights (of which the municipal government pays the energy costs) to reduce energy usage and costs.

Financial Incentives, Programs & Services

Residents and local business can investigate financial incentives, programs and services that help save energy, money and the environment by visiting the State of New Jersey's Clean Energy Program website.