Floodplain Information

Hamilton is working to help you save money on your flood insurance. Beginning in October of 2018, residents in Special Flood Hazard Areas will be able to save 15% on their insurance premiums thanks to Hamilton's efforts.

Floodplain Map 2008Discounts are automatically applied by a resident's insurance company; and no action is required by a resident. However residents can always check with their flood insurance provider to make sure that they are receiving the discount.

Other residents in areas with minimal risk for flood (provided they do not have a Preferred Risk Policy (PRP) - or a Minimum Risk Policy (MRP); ones located in areas below base flood elevation) may be eligible to save 5% on their premiums thanks to Hamilton's efforts.

Working with the Community Rating System (CRS), which encourages floodplain management activities, Hamilton efforts - such as detention basin management, promoting flood mitigation information and educational efforts - give residents the ability to save on their flood insurance. In fact, Hamilton is the only town in Mercer County that currently qualifies for residents to save.

We will be adding more information and documents to this website in the very near future.

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