Am I required to have a fire extinguisher in my house?

Yes, Fire Extinguishers are required to pass the certification of occupancy (CO). Below are the regulations:

  • The Extinguisher shall be within 10 feet of the kitchen and located in the path of egress
  • The extinguisher shall be readily accessible and not obstructed from view
  • The extinguisher shall be mounted using the manufacturer's hanging bracket so the operating instructions are clearly visible
  • The extinguisher shall be an approved list and labeled type with a minimum rating of 2A-10B:C and no more than 10 pounds
  • The owner's manual or written operation instructions shall be provided during the inspection and left for the new occupant
  • The extinguisher shall be serviced and tagged by a certified Division of Fire Safety contractor w/ the past 12 months or the seller must have a receipt for a recently purchased extinguisher and
  • The top of the extinguisher shall not be more than five feet above the floor.

Exception: Portable fire extinguishers shall not be required for seasonal summer units. For purposes of applying this exception, "seasonal summer unit" shall mean a dwelling unit rented for a term of not more than 125 consecutive days for residential purposes by a person having a permanent residence elsewhere, but shall not include use or rental of living quarters by migrant, temporary, or season workers in connections with any work or place where work is being performed.

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