Small Business Month

Here are five ways you can take part in Small Business Month:

1. Share your story

This Small Business Month, take a moment to remind your customers and supporters why you do what you do. Share your story of how you got started and why you love what you do.  Use hashtags #SmallBusinessMonth #SmallBizSuccess #HamiltonBusinessCommunity.

2. Say thank you to the people who keep your business going

Take a moment to step away from the day-to-day frenzy and show your appreciation to your staff or team and your loyal customers. You can write thank you cards, send an email to your supporters, or post a thank you on social media.

3. Invest in education

This month, take some time to learn about an area you have been thinking about. Whether you want to learn about email marketing, using social media or any other skills that will help you succeed in your business. 

4. Partner with another small business

Strengthen your impact and reach a larger audience by joining forces. Look to collaborate with businesses that reach a similar audience, so your products and services complement nicely.  

5. Special Offer for the Month

To celebrate Small Business Month with your customers, create special offers or discounts.