Retail Food Licenses

2024 Retail Food Licenses are now due. 

Please click here to renew your Retail Food License. 

Note: the information on this page is for existing/previously licensed Retail Food Establishments only. 
If you are opening a new business, then complete the Retail Food Establishment Plan Review Application (PDF) and contact the Division of Health at 609-890-3828 or


2024 Retail Food License applications and payments are due by January 31 at 4 pm.

  • Risk Type 1 - $175 per year
  • Risk Type 2 - $200 per year 
  • Risk Type 3 - $300 per year 
  • Risk Type 4 - additional $75 per year 

Exemption. The following applicants shall be exempt from the payment of fees for the licenses described in this section: any corporation or association organized and operated for religious, charitable, literary, recreational or educational purposes and which has a properly issued tax immunity certificate from the Director of the Division of Taxation of the state. In lieu of a tax immunity certificate, the corporation or association may provide the Township with an affidavit of its president or duly authorized official stating that the corporation or association is organized and operated for religious, charitable, literary, recreational or educational purposes. Submission of an annual Retail Food License application is still required

Late fees. Any licensee who fails to renew a license shall be required to pay a late fee of $100 for each 30 days the renewal is late. The license application and fee are due by January 31 of each year. 


2024 online applications for Retail Food Licenses will be available after January 1, 2024. Online license applications and payments are strongly encouraged. If you are unable to use the preferred online portal and need a paper form, you may download the 2024 Retail Food License application (PDF) and mail the completed form or drop it off at the Division of Health with your payment and required documents. Additionally, the Division of Health mailed out a reminder letter, application, and invoice to all establishments currently licensed with the Township. 

When applying for a Retail Food License, you will need:

  • Copy of owner or regional manager's Driver's license or other photo government ID
  • Copy of Township of Hamilton Business Registry 
  • Copy of menu
  • Copy of Food Protection Manager certificates (Risk levels 3&4) 
  • Payment - cash, check, money order, (check/MO made payable to "Township of Hamilton") and major credit cards are accepted. 
    • Do not send cash through the mail. The Township is not responsible for lost monies. 

Reminder. Retail Food Licenses are not transferrable. If your business changes ownership, the current license is void and the new owners must apply and pay for a new Retail Food License