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3/6/2021 - Statement from Mayor Jeff Martin on the Passing of James 'Junebug' Stevenson

It is with great sadness that we share that Hamilton Township’s first African American to be elected to public office, James Stevenson, passed away earlier today.

“On behalf of Hamilton Township, I want to extend my prayers and condolences to the family of James ‘Junebug’ Stevenson”, said Mayor Martin.  “It has been my honor to know him and have him as a mentor towards the goals of making Hamilton stronger through education and diversity.  His legacy to those goals will live on forever.”  

Mr. Stevenson was first elected to the Hamilton Township School Board in 1976, becoming the first African American to be elected to any public office in Hamilton Township. He served on the School Board for a decade. Mr. Stevenson continued to give back his hometown throughout the years and most recently served on Mayor Jeff Martin’s Recreation, Education, & Youth Activities transition committee.