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1. Am I required to have a fire extinguisher in my house?
2. Can a buyer sign off on violations found in a certificate of occupancy inspection?
3. Can the buyer schedule the certificate of occupancy inspection?
4. Do I need a Certificate of Occupancy before I close on my house?
5. Do I need a certificate of occupancy if the ownership is changing but the occupancy is not?
6. Does a house have to have at least one bath tub?
7. Does the township test for radon?
8. How do I apply for a Certificate of Approval (Occupancy) for my residence?
9. How long is a certificate of occupancy good for?
10. I am opening up a new business in an existing building, do I need a Certificate of Occupancy?
11. What are the codes for smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in the home?
12. What are the fees for a Change of Occupancy Inspection?
13. What violations do they look for in a Change of Occupancy Inspection?
14. Who can get a copy of the certificate of occupancy report?