Hamilton's Energy Aggregation Program

UPDATE - 8/3/2020:

In March 2019, the Township awarded a contract to Constellation New Energy (“CNE”) for the second round of the Hamilton Community Energy Aggregation (“HCEA”) program. The Township’s contract with CNE under Round 2 of the HCEA program began in June 2019 and will be coming to an end in September 2020.  Residents currently participating in the HCEA program will receive a notice from PSE&G in August 2020 and will be transitioned back to utility-provided power supply effective with their September 2020 meter read dates.  Starting with your October PSE&G bill, you will notice that CNE power supply charges no longer appear on your bill; in addition to PSE&G delivery service charges, power supply will be assessed at PSE&G’s ‘Basic Generation Service’ tariff price. Please read the full notice under "Informational Links."

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As a community, Hamiltonians could save upwards of $3 million with full participation by eligible residents under a 2nd stage of Hamilton’s Energy Aggregation Program.

Under the new installment of the program, Constellation NewEnergy – which submitted the lowest electric supply price – would provide residents electricity at a price about 12% lower than the local utility’s (PSE&G) electricity supply price (known as the price-to-compare), and more than 6 percent below the projected PSE&G price over the 15-month term of the contract.

If approved, over the 15-month contract the average resident would save an estimated $90 (although each customer’s usage would determine their respective savings). This new stage of the program would start this June and continue to September of 2020.

Previously, Hamilton’s 1st stage of its Energy Aggregation Program achieved a community-wide savings for participating residents of over $1 million (compared to what participating residents would have paid for electricity supplied by PSE&G over the same time period).

Eligible residents would have the opportunity to opt-out if they do not wish to participate (similar to the 1st stage of the program).
If approved, further information will be available at HamiltonNJ.com/Energy and subsequent notification mailings would be send to eligible residents prior to the start of the program’s new stage.

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