Articles and Resources for Pet Parents

First time dog owner? Have a problem-child fur-baby and need some guidance? 

Having a pet can be a very rewarding, wonderful experience. All too often some of our pets have unwanted behaviors that lead people to the decision to surrender their pet to the shelter. We know that isn't what you really want to do, so here are some great articles and resources to help you start off on the right paw or change those annoying bad habits. 


          Crate Training                     Housetraining 101                 Multi-Pet Households



        Kids and Dogs                      Puppy Socialization                    Shy/Fearful Dogs



     Preparing for Baby                 Kong Stuffing Recipes               What is a Pit Bull?



     Reducing Jumping                  Over Arousal in Dogs                 Muzzle Training



      Destructive Dogs                        Mouthy Dogs                        Barking Issues



Bringing Home a New Cat          Thinking Inside the Box            Cats - 5 Grand Ideas


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