Water Pollution FAQs

Who should I contact with in-coming water (drinking water) problems?

Hamilton does not own their own water company. There are 2 water companies that service Hamilton Township.

What’s the difference between Sanitary Sewer and Storm Sewer?
  • Sanitary Sewer means any wastewater leaving your home such as: toilet water, shower, washing machine, dishwasher, etc…
  • Storm Sewer (storm drain) is the grate in the street at the curb for rainwater collection.
What if the Storm Sewer is clogged?

Please call (609) 581-4140 or (609) 581-4141 to report any clogged Storm Drains or fill out an online Citizen Service Request.

Who should I contact to report dumping in a Storm Drain?

NJ Department of Environmental Protection – hotline 1-877-WARNDEP

What shouldn’t I put down the Sanitary Sewer drain or Storm Sewer?

Old prescriptions – PUT IN TRASH – do not flush or put down drain
Guidelines for Proper Disposal of Household Medication

Paint and chemicals – www.mcia-nj.com/recycling

Grass clippings, leaves and/or brush – Hamilton Township Department of Public Works

Who should I contact with questions about my sewer bill?

Contact the Hamilton Township Division of Revenue Collection – (609) 890-3890

Who can I contact if I experience a stop-up in sanitary sewer service to my home?

DO NOT USE THE CITIZEN SERVICE REQUEST FOR THIS ISSUE. Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 3:00 pm (except holidays) Call (609) 581-4140 or (609) 581-4141 – This is a free same day service to clean the house lateral only. No appointments are made in advance and homeowner must be home. Off Hours Call (609) 581-4140 or (609) 581-4141 – A crew will respond to clean Main Line blockage in the street that is impacting the entire neighborhood. You may be advised to call back the next business day OR contact a plumber at your own expense to clear a blockage in your house lateral. Any fees you incur will not be reimbursed by the Township.