Hamilton Township is proud to announce the Mortgage and Rental Relief Assistance Program. This program will provide temporary rental and mortgage assistance to residents, businesses and landlords in Hamilton Township due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This program is funded by the Community Development Block Grant Coronavirus (CDBG-CV) funds.

The residential portion of the Mortgage & Rental Relief Program will allow for rental, mortgage or utility assistance to low and moderate income households that have had a substantial reduction in income or became unemployed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The emergency rental or mortgage assistance grant has a cap of $10,000 throughout a period of six months. All approved applicants will be reviewed at the three-month interval to see if they are still in need of assistance. Applications will be reviewed in coordination by the Township and Arm In Arm, a local non-profit agency which assists Mercer County residents with food, housing, and job support.  

For Residential AssistanceClick Here or visit https://arminarm.org/HTA/


The business portion of the Mortgage & Rental Relief Program will allow for rental and mortgage assistance for businesses who have been sufficiently impacted by Covid-19. The program will be administered by the Township of Hamilton’s Community Development Consultant, Triad Associates.  Applications can be downloaded by clicking the link below.   Applicants should contact Katherine Packowski with Triad Associates at 856-690-9590 or via email at kpackowski@triadincorporated.com if there any questions.   Applications will be accepted via first come, first serve.

For Business/Commercial AssistanceClick Here to view application.

Please forward completed application to:

Katherine Packowski, Associate

Triad Associates

Phone: 856-690-9590, ext 109

Via Email to: kpackowski@triadincorporated.com  or

By Mail to:

  1301 W. Forest Grove Road, Bldg 3 ▪ Vineland, NJ ▪ 08360  or

By Fax: 856-690-5622