How does the Air Conditioner Program work?

Mercer County will partner with various agencies to offer free air conditioners to seniors and disabled residents who qualify. The air conditioners are offered through the Medi-cool program which is administered by Catholic Charities, the Diocese of Trenton, and assistance group Rise Inc., of Hightstown via the use of county funding provided by the Office on Aging.

Seniors aged 60 and older with documented health problems who meet income eligibility requirements can receive a voucher that entitles them to a free air conditioner.

Residents 18 or older who have a disability also may qualify.

The air conditioners will be distributed to individuals who meet eligibility criteria, which includes financial standing. All applicants must provide proof of resident, proof of income, prescriptions and proof of assets.

Applicants will be screened for eligibility by Catholic Charities, Trenton and Rise Inc. Interested residents should call either 609-394-8847 Ext 2529 or 443-4464.

Individuals who qualify must bring someone with them who can help them carry the air conditioner home. Individuals who have received an air conditioner in the last 3 years are ineligible.

Supplies are limited so residents are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

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