What is the Township Winter Storm Response Policy?

Prior to winter snowstorms, liquid salt will be applied to all Township roads provided that favorable pavement temperatures exist to do so.

While snow is falling, our main effort is to keep the primary roads safe and passable.

The primary roads are plowed curb to curb and treated with salt early during the storm. As a result, when the storm has ended, those roads are black and bare to pavement very quickly.

We do not enter the secondary roads to plow them until after snow fall has ended.

Secondary roads are plowed with one pass in and one pass out and are plowed in about 24 hours if everything goes right. Often there is going to be snow packed and bonded to the roadway after we plow. We apply de-icing chemicals (salt) to the snow pack which with the help of the sun melts the snow and gets us to bare pavement. All residents who reside on a secondary road should be able to drive from their home to a primary road without difficulty providing the exercise caution.

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1. Are you investigating any alternatives to your current anti-icing/deicing materials?
2. Do you have any tips for dealing with winter snowstorms?
3. How do you track the plowing and salting trucks so you know where they are and how much work has been done?
4. How long does it take to spread salt on the Township roads?
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6. How much snow must fall before you begin snow plowing operations and what roads get plowed first?
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8. What if I am a dialysis patient and need to get to the hospital?
9. What if I have a medical emergency and I cannot get out of my street?
10. What is the liquid that dump trucks with large tanks in their truck bodies are spraying on the roadway prior to a storm arriving?
11. What is the Township Winter Storm Response Policy?
12. When do you apply salt to the roadways?
13. Who should I call for snow plowing if the road is a State or County road?
14. How long do I have to clear my sidewalk after a snow storm?
15. The snow plow damaged my mailbox/curb, what do I do?