I received a tax sale notice, what happens now?

Anyone who has any type (real estate/sewer/municipal assessment) or any amount of delinquency would receive a tax sale notice. All payments, as stated on this notice, need to be certified check, cash or money order and any payments that are not in the Tax Collector's Office by the date indicated on the tax sale notice must include all sale costs which are listed on the tax sale notice, as this is the last day to pay prior to advertisement.

Once a full lien is placed against the property the owner would be responsible for the delinquent amount, costs and fees of the sale and interest up to 18%, in addition to a waiting period for the calculations due to the complexity of a lien status.

Once a property goes past the tax sale date, the process of calculating what is due is an involved matter. All redemption requests must be faxed to the Tax Collector at 609-890-3891 or emailed to the Tax Collector Danielle, and the Tax Collector's Office will calculate them in the order that they are received. If the property is in Foreclosure, indicate this on top of the request so that the request can be expedited. Please include the lien number on the request.

For more information contact HamStat at 609-586-0311.

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