How do I report that my garbage was missed?

Was the whole street missed or just your house?

The garbage men have until 6 pm on your regularly scheduled garbage day to pick up. If your whole street was missed and it is before 6 pm on your scheduled garbage day, it is not considered missed. If it is after 6 pm, please contact the Call Center at 609-586-0311 and leave a message or call back the next morning. The Call Center hours are Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.

If just your house was missed you can contact the Call Center at 609-586-0311. 

Before you call, make sure that your garbage meets the solid waste disposal service requirements:

  • Garbage must be out by 6 am of the scheduled collection day; if not it may be possible that the truck came before it was out;
  • The number of bags should not exceed 7 per dwelling on a single collection day;
  • Each container and its contents must not exceed 50 lbs and must be equipped with at least one handle for pulling or lifting;
  • All receptacles or solid waste containers shall be constructed of metal or plastic and shall be watertight and fitted with a tight-fitting covering which shall prevent spilling or leakage of contents.

If the garbage was missed on a Friday or Saturday, since it is after business hours, submit a service request online so that we can notify Interstate Waste immediately. If you do not have a computer, contact the call center at 609-586-0311 on Monday morning.

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