How do I register as a landlord and what is the fee?

Whether you own an apartment complex or rent a room in your home, the Township requires all landlords to be registered (PDF). Failure to register and have your unit inspected will result in monetary fines and penalties.

At the time of registration of a rental unit as required by sec. 66-78(c)(1), and prior to the issuance of a rental unit registration certificate, the landlord or agent thereof must pay a fee in accordance with the following schedule for the purpose of having the rental unit inspected by the township and having the township issue the rental unit registration certificate:

Upon initial registration and following the expiration of every five year period thereafter a fee of $50 shall be assessed, to be collected within 90 days following the passage of this ordinance, which includes an inspection and one subsequent re-inspection (to be completed within 30 days of a failed initial inspection). Multi-unit facilities containing four or more units shall be assessed a fee of $50 per unit collected in equal annual installments over a five year period, with the first payment due within 90 days following the passage of this ordinance. Prepayment of this fee shall not be penalized.

Upon the full payment of the $50 registration fee the landlord or agent thereof shall receive a coupon that may be used for one re-inspection or change of occupancy inspection required to be conducted of the particular rental unit for which the fee has been paid. This coupon is not transferable to any other rental unit and expires at the end of the five year period for which it was issued;

In the alternative, if the total registration fee due for a multi-unit facility is paid at the time of registration or subsequent renewal of registration, then the landlord or agent shall receive a number of coupons calculated by dividing the total registration fee paid, by $75. These coupons may be used for re-inspection or change of occupancy inspections at the multi-unit facility.

Any change of occupancy, except those changes of occupancies specified during the initial registration or upon each subsequent five year inspection, shall be assessed a fee as required pursuant to section 66-64(c)(d)(f) of this code.

Fees not paid shall be subject to a late fee of $30 per month.

Senior Citizen Exemption

If the owner of the property is a senior citizen who resides in a unit of the property and rents out the remaining unit and would otherwise qualify under the State of New Jersey property tax deduction under NJ.S.A. 54:4-8.41, there shall be no fee.

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