What are the specifications for putting up a shed?

A shed may be erected in side and rear yard areas only and shall be set back from side and rear lines as described below.

Sheds 150 square feet or smaller shall be set back three feet from the side and rear property lines. An EZ Permit Application (PDF) is required. The foundation can be a concrete slab or four  inches of gravel or crushed stone.

Sheds over 150 square feet but less than 200 square feet require an EZ Permit.  However, since sheds of this size are considered an accessory building,  the setbacks are determined by the particular zoning district that the property is located within.  Contact the Land Use office (609-890-3680) for the specific setbacks.

To obtain a permit please bring a copy of your property survey to the Land Use Office, Room 307 in the Municipal Building.

Sheds over 200 square feet will require a construction permit.

The property survey must be of the original size (surveys that are manipulated cannot be scaled) and indicate the location of the proposed construction of the fence on the survey with highlighter / colored pencil / pen / marker, etc. There is no fee for an EZ Permit (issued over the counter).

Permits are good for one year.

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1. What are the specifications for putting up a shed?
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