What will I need to get a fence permit?

An EZ Permit - Zoning Permit (PDF) is required for the installation of all fencing unless the fence is serving as a pool barrier; then a construction permit is needed.

A fence shall be not more than four feet in height along the front lot line and six in height along a side lot line and rear lot line.

The height shall not exceed four feet between the front lot line and front building line and the fence shall not be of solid construction within this area. The fence must be at least 50% open.

To obtain a permit please bring a copy of your property survey to the Land Use Office, Room 307 in the Municipal Building. Please send a copy of your property survey of the original size (surveys that are manipulated cannot be scaled) and indicate the location of the proposed construction of the fence on the survey with highlighter / colored pencil / pen / marker, etc. There is no fee for an EZ Permit (issued over the counter).

EZ permit is good for one year.

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