What is the Housing Rehabilitation Program?

The Housing Rehabilitation Program is designed to provide homeowners with a means to make necessary repairs to their home. The homeowner must live in the house. This is a forgivable loan, where if the homeowner stays in the house for more then 10 years after the repairs are made, there is no loan; it becomes a grant. If the homeowner moves out or sells the home it is prorated accordingly. There are no exceptions.

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1. What is the Housing Rehabilitation Program?
2. How do I apply for the Housing Rehabilitation Program?
3. Who is eligible?
4. How do I apply?
5. What repairs are covered?
6. Who determines what repairs are needed?
7. Will the Township select a contractor?
8. Is there a maximum limit that the homeowner is eligible for?
9. Is there a mortgage attached to the property?
10. Will the work that is received under this program be inspected?
11. Does this program have any effect on the Township’s budget?