What is W.I.C. Program?

Woman, Infant and Children supplemental nutrition program.

This program is a supplemental feeding program for pregnant women and children 0 to 5 years of age based on income eligibility standards. Nutritional assessment and teaching are also provided. If you would like information concerning this program, call 609-587-8100 for an appointment.

WIC has a new location at the Bromley Center, located at 1801 East State Street, Hamilton NJ 08609.

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1. What is W.I.C. Program?
2. How does one qualify for W.I.C.?
3. Is there a Public Health Nurse available to mothers and newborn babies?
4. What does W.I.C. provide?
5. What services does the Child Health Conference Clinic offer and what children qualify for the services?
6. Can I come to the Hamilton Township Division of Health if my child is sick and we don't have a private doctor?
7. Can I make an appointment for immunization shots for my child / children?