Tax Bill Breakdown

What Increased, What Decreased

(Percentage Change in Tax Rates from 2018 – 2019)


Mercer County Portion                 + 1 %          

Board of Education Portion          + 1.8 %

Hamilton Township Portion          – 1.6 %

**Fire District Portion          (Per District)**

Mercerville (District 2)                        + 7.4 %

Rusling Hose (District 3)                     + 4.3 %

Hamilton Fire (District 4)                    + 14.3 %

DeCou (District 5)                                  + 1.4 %      

White Horse (District 6)                        + 4.5 %

Nottingham (District 7)                           0 %

Colonial (District 8)                              + 4.7 %

Groveville (District 9)                               + 3.1 %


How Your Tax Dollars Are Spent

As reflected in the below charts, Hamilton Township collects taxes for four separate and independent government entities: the Hamilton Township Municipal Government, each of the 8 Fire Districts, Mercer County and the Hamilton Township Board of Education.

Each body is responsible for adopting a budget and setting its own tax rate.  Hamilton Township is then required by State Law to collect the taxes and distribute the money in accordance with the demands of each entity.

Each Fire District sets its own budget and tax rate.  The Hamilton Township Municipal Government cannot control the amount sought. 

In the past 3 years, Fire Taxes have increased by 21.4 %, or more than 7 % per year. 

In 2016, the Fire Districts imposed taxes of $ 22,658,444.00. 

They are now collecting $27,515,133.00, an increase of $4,856,689.00.

For comparison, over that same period of time, Hamilton Township Municipal Government taxes have increased by 0.8 % per year.

Therefore, Fire Taxes have increased by about 9 times the rate of increase over Municipal Government taxes over the same time period.

Tax Breakdown By Fire District

The following charts illustrates the percentage that residents pay to each separate government entity through their property tax bills, per Fire District