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8/3/2009 - Township Makes Additional Road Repairs with Current Employees

Township Makes Additional Road Repairs with Current Employees  



Using current Township employees and some new equipment, Hamilton is making even more road repairs this year. 


The Township is already funding the repair of 16 roads through its 2009 Capital Budget Program and using developer fees to make repairs and improvements at the intersection of Yardville-Hamilton Square and Kuser Road.  But Hamilton’s new paving equipment has made repairs on 3 additional roads possible so far this summer, with an additional 7 roads to follow before the end of the year.  


The additional repairs are all being made by current Township employees who already repair pot holes and road-surface cracks.   The more extensive repairs on the 16 roads and intersection that were already made possible through Township’s Capital Road Program require the work and equipment of private construction contractors.   


Continuing through the remaining summer months and into the fall, deteriorated portions of Kuser Road, Hughes Drive, Mercer Street, Sunnybrae Boulevard, Nebraska Avenue, Youngs Road and Sculptors Way will be milled and paved.  Already this summer, the Township has made repairs on sections of Crosswicks-Hamilton Square Road, Bell Avenue and O’Rourke Avenue. 


The private management of the Township’s Ecological Facility helped to make this all possible.  If the Township had continued to operate the Ecological Facility, over $700,000 of new equipment would have needed to be purchased, out of Hamilton’s 2009 Capital Budget.  So, the Township instead saved approximately $100,000 of its Capital Budget funds by purchasing the less expensive paving equipment.  This savings is separate and in addition to the $745,000 that the Township is saving annually through the private management of the Ecological Facility. 


We are continuing our work to provide the taxpayers of Hamilton Township with the road repairs that they have long-desired and deserve.  The years of neglect of our roads leaves us much work to do; however, we are moving in the right direction by making as many repairs as we can, while keeping taxes stable,” says Mayor John Bencivengo.