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8/22/2019 - Public Information Regarding Wastewater Utility Rates, Calls for a “Rate Study”

Public Information Regarding Wastewater Utility Rates, Calls for a “Rate Study”

The following information is being provided to the public regarding Hamilton Township’s wastewater utility rates and calls for “rate study”.


·         Robbinsville Township is billed for its use of Hamilton Township’s wastewater utility based upon the percentage of wastewater “flow” (i.e. sewage) that it sends into the utility. 

o   For example, if Robbinsville produces 16 percent of the system’s “flow”, Robbinsville’s bill is calculated based upon 16 percent of the utility’s cost (i.e. budget).

·        Robbinsville “flow” and the entire system’s “flow” are tracked by “flow meters” (devices that track how much sewage has passed through given points of the system). 

o   This has historically been the same process to calculate Robbinsville’s “flow.”


·         There have been public calls for a “rate study”; however, a “rate study” would NOT dispute or change:

o   Robbinsville’s “flow” (sewage entering the system) in 2019, 2018 or earlier

o   The calculation of what Robbinsville was billed for 2018 and 2019

·     Rather, a “rate study” would look at FUTURE infrastructure upgrade needs and factor into negotiations over FUTURE cost to Robbinsville to pay for those upgrades. 

·         As of this notice, Robbinsville owes Hamilton Township:

o   An outstanding amount of $ 1,146,783.90 from 2018

o   An outstanding amount of $ 1,687,447.90 from 2019

o   For a TOTAL outstanding amount of $ 2,834,231.80 (for 2018 and 2019)



·         On June 18, 2019, Mayor Kelly Yaede sent a letter to the Hamilton Township Council President that, in part, stated the following:

o   A rate study “would delay Hamiltonians receiving their fair share from Robbinsville for its of our sewer utility.”


·        For additional information, please see:

o   Public Information Regarding Robbinsville Usage of Hamilton’s Wastewater Utility (May 24, 2019):