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6/12/2019 - Mercer County Emergency Repair Project Quakerbridge Road Bridge Beginning on June 17, 2019


Mercer County Emergency Repair Project

Quakerbridge Road Bridge

(Bridge #5-780.1) over Amtrak

Townships of Lawrence and West Windsor



Please be advised that on or about Monday June 17, 2019, emergency bridge repairs are scheduled to commence on the Quakerbridge Road Bridge (Bridge # 5-780.1) over Amtrak in the Townships of Lawrence and West Windsor. The bridge deck has been deemed structurally deficient to the extent that parts of the deck, headers, deck joints, approaches and both sidewalks need to be repaired immediately. Anticipated duration of this project is fifteen (15) calendar days, weather permitting. The contractor for this project is Underground Utilities Corporation.

Due to the nature and extent of repairs, we would need to close one (1) lane in each direction on a 24/7 basis. Quakerbridge Road would be reduced to a single travel lane in each direction with traffic shifted depending on the proximity of the work area.

Mercer County will post signs prior to the start date advising motorists of the upcoming construction.