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8/3/2018 - Update on Trenton Water Works and Recent Notification Letter - August 3, 2018

Update on Trenton Water Works and Recent Notification Letter


Just recently, a letter from Trenton Water Works (TWW) was required to be mail to all customers. The NJ Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) and TWW's adherence to the Administrative Consent Order it signed with the NJDEP required the mailing. As a courtesy to all Hamilton residents who are served by TWW, we would like to provide you with this brief summary of the notification.


First, please know that this is not an emergency issue, but rather is required in the interest of customers' right to know of a violation. In an emergency issue, customers would be immediately contacted, such as by an emergency system phone call.


TWW has not yet replaced seven percent (7 %) of lead service lines within its service area, which required the recent notification to be mailed to all TWW customers. While TWW has begun a program to meet the requirement, the deadline for completion (June 30, 2018) was not met. These requirements were imposed due to the fact that prior samplings (dating back to 2017) found more than 10 % of sites sampled were greater than the lead action level.


Additionally, it is important to note that water that leaves TWW filtration plant is lead free. Typically, when drinking water comes in contact with service lines and internal home plumbing, lead may enter drinking water (i.e. when water remains stagnant in lead plumbing material for long periods of time, such as overnight).


Electronic Copies of Notification and Enclosed Information Below

Click Here


TWW is continuing to work to meet conditions set forth from the NJDEP's ACO and efforts such as replacing lead service lines and actions to reduce lead exposure.

TWW Lead Replacement Pogram

TWW Lead Replacement Program FAQs


Additionally, Mayor Kelly Yaede has recently met with new Trenton Mayor, Reed Gusciora, and efforts are taking place to finalize a TWW public meeting that will take place in Hamilton for the benefit of residents, including to explain the ongoing lead service line replacement program.