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5/3/2018 - Public Notice for Residents Participating in Hamilton Community Energy Aggregation Program

Public Notice for Residents Participating in Hamilton Community Energy Aggregation Program

While the majority of participants in Hamilton’s Community Energy Aggregation Program will NOT be impacted by the following issue, Hamilton Township was recently informed of a billing-related error that will affect some participating customers.

Due to recent technical difficulties beyond our program electric supplier’s (South Jersey Energy) control, electric charges for some program participants were unable to be included in their April bill (which is sent by Public Service Electric & Gas).  For ONLY these affected participants, their next bill (i.e. May bill) will include charges for their electric usage during the previous two billing periods.    

We would like affected program participants to be aware of this issue so that they do NOT mistakenly believe that they are either seeing an “extra charge” or “increased rates.” 

We would also like to remind program participants that electric charges are based upon customer usage and that the electric supply rate offered by South Jersey Energy remains below (i.e. less expensive than) the price to compare offered by Public Service Electric & Gas to residential customers. 

Additionally, this error will NOT impact the delivery of energy to any program participant’s home.  

For further assistance, program participants may contact South Jersey Energy’s customer service center at 1-888-650-4465.