1/21/2014 - Weather Update from Mayor Kelly Yaede (Tuesday, January 21st)

Weather Update from Mayor Kelly Yaede: 

“As we continue to monitor and mobilize for today’s winter weather event, please remember to exercise caution and, if possible, refrain from traveling this evening.  With forecasts calling for as much as a foot of snow accumulation or more through Wednesday morning, possible wind gusts of up to 40 mph and a wind chill advisory lasting into the late morning hours of Wednesday, this storm system is severe and should be taken seriously.  Because of the severity of this storm, we are calling in contractors to assist Township crews in plowing efforts.  However, residents should prepare that it will take a lengthy time to complete plowing efforts on all secondary roads.” 


Kelly Yaede, Mayor

Forecasted Snow Accumulations:  As of Tuesday morning, the latest weather forecasts are calling for between 8 to 14 inches of snow accumulation, with precipitation beginning this morning and continuing until early tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.  Heaviest storm fall is expected from Tuesday afternoon through Tuesday evening and begin to diminish in intensity in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Possible Plowing Timelines and Zone Order:  The longer that precipitation continues and the higher snow accumulations become will create a continued need to plow primary township roads and delay secondary or neighborhood road plowing. 

Residents should anticipate that the first areas of secondary or neighborhood roads will not begin to be plowed until midnight (Tuesday PM / Wednesday AM)  and are likely to continue through Friday.  Under normal snowfalls, it can take up to 36 hours from the time the plowing of secondary roads begins to complete plowing operations – however, this storm is expected to take longer due to the significant amount of snow.  Approximately 425 lanes miles of Hamilton’s 625 lane miles of local roads are secondary roads. 

The anticipated schedule for secondary roads zones will be D and E (first), F (second), G (third) and H (fourth) conducted by Township crews and zones A, B, C by contractors, which will begin at the same time.  Supervisors will also be inspecting to ensure that the plowing of roads has been completed.  This schedule may be subject to change due to emergencies that may arise.

Additionally, salt will be applied following plowing (this is in addition to the salting of primary roads that has already taken place this morning). 

Residents can find out their snow plowing zone thorough the Snow Plow Sal feature via our Township website – CLICK HERE  

*** To assist in decreasing the amount of time that it will take to complete plowing operations, residents are asked to remove their automobiles from road curbsides (off the road).        

Winds: Sustained winds of between 15 mph to 25 mph are expected with the current winter storm system, with gusts of wind between 35 mph to 40 mph likely for the afternoon and evening hours. 

Low Temperatures and Wind Chill Advisory:  Tuesday daytime temperatures could start from the twenties and fall to the teens.  Single digit temperatures are possible for Tuesday evening.  This severe combination may cause wind chills of 10 degrees below zero and has created a Wind Chill Advisory which will be in effect until late Wednesday morning.      

Health Safety: Prolonged exposure to these severe winter conditions can quickly cause frostbite to exposed skin and lead to hypothermia.  Read more at the following links:     

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Travel:  Travel will become hazardous and ill-advised as conditions worsen.  In addition to high snow accumulations, strong winds will likely blow snow and significantly affect driver visibility.    

Possible Closing and Cancellation Notices:  While no notices relating to possible closures have been made for Hamilton Township Municipal Government buildings or services such as garbage collection, any updates will be posted as soon as possible determined.  As a courtesy to residents, the Municipal Government will also include information provided by the Public School District, which is a separate government from the Municipal Government, once advised.  For Tuesday, Hamilton Public Schools will an early dismissal and all evening activities have been cancelled.  At the time of this notice, there has not been a decision regarding Wednesday, January 22nd.  CLICK HERE to visit the Hamilton Public School District website.  

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