Customer Service for the citizens of Hamilton Township with the HamSTAT Call Center.

HamiltonTownship has teamed with leading edge technology companies, to build a state-of-the-art municipal call center system that will offer “one call for it all” services for Hamilton’s citizens. Residents will only need to use one number – 609-586- 0311 -- to get information or request a government non-emergency service and they will be speaking to a specially trained call center representative to do that.

All citizen inquiries that require action by a Township staff will be routed through the call center to the proper office for resolution. With HamSTAT, no calls will be lost, and all the data relating to a request for service is stored on computerized files. HamSTAT provides a continuous reporting tool that will also generate various reports to enhance management issues relating to services delivery, resource allocation, budgeting, and more.

Terri Jany, the HamSTAT Call Center manager, who has previously run a similar Call Center reports that, “We did a lot of homework and learned from some of the best municipalities in the country using call centers and then the town built a ‘tailored made’ system to meet the needs of Hamilton. Every municipality receives service requests. What separates our community from all others in Mercer County is the Mayor’s decision to implement a call center and to track the calls, collect the data, and use the reporting to make the quality of life better for our citizens,” she said.

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