Persons with Special Needs

The Mayor's Commission on Persons with Special Needs shall act in an advisory capacity to the Mayor and make recommendations for policies and programs in all matters related to the best interests of individuals with physical and developmental disabilities within the township.


Membership Listing

Name  Type 
Steven Cook Regular
Catherine DiCostanzo Regular
Shaun-Marie Robbins Regular
John Sealy Regular
Scott Ellis Regular
Christine Bakter Regular
Claire Kovacs Regular
Mark Gruzlovic Regular 
Cailin McGuinness   Regular
Jeffrey Plunkett Administration Representative
Stacey Capasso Committee Secretary

Code of Ordinances: Section 2-820.71 
Authorized Membership: Seventeen (17) members
Appointment Authority: Mayor with advice and consent of council
Regular Member Term: Three (3) years
Continued until successors are appointed: 
Membership Availability: