Economic Development Advisory Commission

The Hamilton Township Economic Development Advisory Commission was established to constitute the corporate instrumentality for the Township for the following purposes:

  1. To study, analyze and promote various business development initiatives to attract business and industry to locate or expand their operations in the township;
  2. To advertise the availability and benefits of the township industrial, commercial, office, retail buildings and land sites to prospective developers, tenants, investors and corporate entities;
  3. To inquire into, survey and publicize the extent, advantages, and utility of available buildings and vacant land sites in the township, whether private sector or municipally owned;
  4. To periodically survey existing business and industry in the township to ascertain any concerns they may be experiencing that impacts negatively on their business operations and address these needs that could potentially result in their closure and/or relocation out of the township;
  5. To develop and promote events that recognize selected business and industry operations who have substantially contributed to the economic well being of the township and provided employment opportunities for its residents. And also develop and promote various events that include but are not limited to i.e., business networking opportunities, seminars, business card exchanges, ground breaking events, and business promotion activities.

Membership Listing

Name  Type 
Harold Laudien - 2018 Chairman  
Arlene Olla - 2018 Co-Chair
Lori Danko- 2018 Co-Chair
Tom Calabrese  2018 Treasurer  
Denise Murphy  
John Strycharz  
Deb Runyon  
Brian Angelucci  
Lori Loriquett  
David Walsh  
Vinny Chawla  
Joe Scharibone  
Kate Stevens  
Joseph Ridolfi  
Matthew Lee  
Gretchen DiMarco  
Gino Melone  
Liz Tindall  
Pastor Joseph Woods  
Anthony Carabelli Council Liaison
Martin Flynn Administration Representative
Loretta Mattonelli Secretary to the Commission

Authorized Membership: Not more than twenty-five (25) members
Appointment Authority: Mayor with advice and consent of Council 
Term of Appointment: Three (3) years
Continued until successors are appointed? No
Membership Availability: (6) Regular Members