Operation Two-Wheeler

Unfortunately there are bicycle thieves in Hamilton who will steal your bike if you give them the chance. In the last three years there there have been an average of 350 bicycles stolen annually. This represents a loss of approximately $40,000.00 a year. You can help prevent your bike from being stolen by getting a bike lock and using it. Almost all the bikes that were stolen were unlocked at the time they were stolen. People who had their bikes stolen told us such things as:

"I did not think anyone would take it from my yard..."

"I only left it in front of the store for a second..."

"I thought it would be safe at school so I did not lock it..."

What else can you do to prevent your bike from getting ripped off?

Stop at the Crime Prevention Unit of the Hamilton Township Police Division and register your bicycle. The registration sticker is reflectorized to make riders more visible and it will make a thief think twice before stealing a bike that can be readily identified. Two registration forms are kept at the Police Department so Police personnel can determine who a mislaid bicycle belongs to with maximum speed.

Bicycle theft is Big Business

  • Never leave your bicycle unattended
  • A good chain lock is a small investment when compared to the price of a new bicycle
  • Always lock your bike to a fixed object
  • Have your bicycle registered with the Hamilton Police Division
For more information contact the Crime prevention Unit at 581-4034.