How to Opt-In?

Yes. Residents who have their own third party supply contract, but would like to join the HCEA will have the opportunity to do so.

For customers with their own TPS contracts: If you currently have your own third party supply contract, but are considering terminating that contract and joining the HCEA program, it is very important to first read your existing contracts very carefully, as, unlike the HCEA program, there may be penalties for terminating the contract prematurely. Some third party suppliers have automatic "roll over" provisions which renew your contract without affirmative consent or action from you. Please be sure to read your current agreement and if, after comparing your current deal to the HCEA program you decide to join the Township’s program, take the necessary actions to alert your third party supplier that you wish to terminate service at the end of your contract term in order to join the HCEA. You may contact the awarded HCEA supplier directly to opt-in to the HCEA program. 

Please note that, if you have an existing contract with a supplier not affiliated with the HCEA program, neither the Energy Consultant nor the Township are responsible for informing your existing supplier or terminating your agreement with them. However, if you have any difficulty with them, please let us know and we'll try to help you resolve issues.

To opt-in, you can either:

Please be prepared to provide your Name, Address, and PSE&G POD ID Number. This is a unique 20-digit number which begins with PE and can be found on the first line next to Charges on the third page of your PSE&G bill, underneath the PSE&G Electric heading. Click Here to See the Location of POD ID Number

 If you encounter any difficulties using one of the above methods, please contact the Township’s Energy Consultant, Gabel Associates via