How to Opt-Out?

Residential customers who are automatically included in the program have the right to “opt-out.” 

However, it is advantageous for all residents to join and remain in the program, as this gives the community the “strength in numbers” to negotiate the best price for consumers.  All residents will receive information about the program and be given the opportunity to opt-out. 

What if I Don’t Want to Participate ?

To opt-out, you can either:

  • Sign and return the postage-paid card enclosed in the Notification Package eligible residents will receive in the mail (will receive Notification Package by January 4, 2017) 
  • Call South Jersey Energy toll-free at 1-888-650-4465 (9 AM - 5 PM)
  • Email by February 4, 2017

Please be prepared to provide your Name, Address, and PSE&G POD ID Number. This is a unique 20-digit number which begins with PE and can be found on the first line next to Charges on the third page of your PSE&G bill, underneath the PSE&G Electric heading. Click Here to See the Location of POD ID Number

 If you encounter any difficulties using one of the above methods, please contact the Township’s Energy Consultant, Gabel Associates via

Who is Automatically Included