State of New Jersey and Mercer County Tax Board Mandated Revaluation Information

Welcome.  While the issue of the revaluation and reassessment process can seem complicated or confusing, this website is dedicated to providing you with accurate information and easy explanations.

Online Video to Help Explain Process

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Why is This Taking Place?

The Mercer County Board of Taxation ordered Hamilton Township to complete revaluation by 2016.  This is because New Jersey law mandates that real estate be assessed at 100% of market value and in an equitable manner.  It has been over 17 years since a revaluation was last completed in Hamilton. 

New Assessments Coming in Mail, Final Valuation and Tax Rate in June  

  • In January or February, property owners received their new assessments
  • In nearly all cases, your assessment should have increased (because properties were below 100% of market value)
  • Since the final 2016 tax rate (that is calculated by the County of Mercer) will be available by June 2016, the final impact of  the reassessment on taxes will only be known then.  Sample Letters (Click Here to View) will show estimates and may be different from the final valuations.   

Sales Data Used in Revaluation Process  

Click Here to view the sales data used in the revaluation process.

Possible State Assistance for Seniors ("Senior Freeze" Program)

The State of New Jersey's Property Tax Reimbursement Program (also known as the "Senior Freeze" program), reimburses eligible senior citizens and disabled persons for property tax or mobile home park site fee increases on their principal residence. Residents can learn more about this program by visiting State Division of Taxation website (Click Here).

How to Receive Accurate Information and Explanations

Additional information will be posted on this page ( that will include:

  • Additional information about this process
  • Planned informational sessions 
  • Information about the appeal process

Green Assessment Cards CANNOT Be Used For Income Tax Filing Purposes

By State of New Jersey Law, green Assessment Post Cards (Click Here to View Example Post Card) must be mailed to property owners each year to provide property assessment information.  Normally, these post cards are mailed in February; however this year, the post cards will be mailed in March.  Typically, this mailing leads to residents contacting the Hamilton Division of Tax Assessment to obtain documentation of the amount of property taxes paid for use in Income Tax filings.  However, residents should contact the HamStat Call Center at 609.586.0311 if they desire a record indicating the amount of property taxes paid during the prior tax year.  

Revaluation Process Documents

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