Pets Available for Adoption

Thanks to visitors like you, Hamilton's "Pets4Adoption" site has been successful in leading to several pet adoptions. 

Pictured below are just some of the loving, adoptable pets that are available and waiting to become part of your family.

Be sure to stop by our Hamilton Township Animal Shelter to see all of our adoptable pets! 

Picture courtesy of Tom Myers of Bundle of Paws


Let's find Brooklyn, a long time shelter pet, a forever home!  

Brooklyn is a good dog, she is loyal and dedicated to her owners.

She likes to go for walks, car rides, play fetch and makes the cutest faces and head tilts when she hears a dog toy squeaking so we think she would like a home with a fenced in yard, tennis balls, squeak toys and forever parents to throw her toys and take her for car rides and walks.

Brooklyn is a member of the “only child club” as she needs a home where she is the only pet so she doesn't have to share your attention. Brooklyn is spayed, microchipped and vaccinated.

Bubba (Dog #178)

Bubba is a 1 year old male Pitbull who always has a smile on his face.

Are  you  the  right  person to keep his tail wagging for the rest of his days? Come  down  to  the  shelter  and  see!

Bubba has not been neutered, but has had his vaccinations.



Casper (Dog #177)

Casper is a 1 year old Pitbull who's  full of energy.  He loves  to  stretch  his  legs whenever he gets a chance run around.

One look at Casper's beautiful white coat and you'll know where he gets his name.

Casper has been vaccinated and neutered.


Cody (Dog #189)

Cody is a 7 year old male Poodle Biscon.

Cody can act a bit sheepish at times, but is always going to be a sweetheart.

Cody has been vaccinated and neutered.


Titan (Dog #97)

Titan is a 3  year old Tri-color male Coon Hound.

Titan loves to run around and is very vocal. One might say that his bark is.. Titanic.

Titan has had his vaccinations and has been neutered. An ideal home for Titan would be one without small children.


  Kush (Dog #114)

Kush is a 2 year old Brindle/White Pitbull. He loves to get outside and smell all the wonderful scents of the world.

Kush is more of a loner and would be best suited to a house that doesn't have any other dogs already in it.

Kush has not been neutered, and has already had his vaccinations.



Wendy (Dog #171)

Wendy is a 1 year old female Pitbull. She has a smooth brindle/white coat that she loves to show off. 

Wendy is a very caring dog that would make an excellent addition to any home.

Wendy has already had her vaccinations and has not yet been spayed.  


Lucky (Dog #143)

Lucky is a 9 year old male Chihuahua mix with a heart of gold.

Lucky loves to be held and will surely let you know how much he likes it.

Lucky has had his vaccinations and has already been neutered.




Val (Dog #47)

Val is a 2 year old male Pitbull. 

Val is protective of those he loves and he warms up to new people quickly.

Val has been neutered and has been vaccinated.

Would your home be right for him?  Visit her at our Shelter and see for yourself!


Manny (Dog #124)

Manny is a 7 year old male Pitbull who loves to smile and rest in the sun.

Manny loves people, but does not get along well with other animals. His ideal home would be somewhere that he is the only pet.

Manny has been neutered and has had his vaccinations.