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How long do I have to clear my sidewalk after a snow storm?

In accordance with Ordinance 435-1  property owner or tenant is required to remove snow-ice within 12 daylight hrs. after the snow-ice shall fall or be formed.

If snow or ice is not removed as required by section  435-1 or is cast, deposited or placed upon the sidewalks or streets in violation of section  435-2, the snow or ice shall be removed by the department of public works upon notification by the police division, and the cost of removal shall be certified to the director of finance, who shall cause the cost to be charged against the real estate abutting the sidewalk or street from which the snow or ice was removed. The amount so charged shall become a lien upon the real estate abutting the sidewalk or street, passageway, private roadway or parking area, and shall be added to the taxes next assessed upon the land, and shall be collected and enforced in the same manner as other taxes. The remedy provided by this section shall be in addition to any penalty imposed for a violation of this article in section 435-4


Updated 12/13/2018 1:55 PM
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