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The snow plow damaged my mailbox/curb, what do I do?

First determine whether or not the road is a State, County or Township Road.

If it is a County Road, refer the caller to the County 609-530-7510.

If it is a State Road, refer the caller to the State  732-308-4086 (Central Regional Maintenance Dept.)

If it is a Township Road, take the name, address and number and advise the caller that someone will come out and inspect after the snow has stopped.  If they can replace it right then and there with the permanent mailbox, they will.  If not, the Township will put up a temporary mailbox until the permanent mailbox can be replaced. The township only replaces standard mailboxes.

If the mailbox is a special decorative box (painted, novelty themed, brick construction, etc.) a request should be submitted for a Notice of Claim. The resident would have to make the repairs or replacement and file for reimbursement. 


Updated 11/1/2013 2:42 PM
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