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How do I report a lost/found animal?

Use this form to report a lost/found animal.  Fax the information to animal control (609) 890-4020 or Hamilton Police Department (609) 581-4096.

Lost ___ Found ___

Today's Date:  ____________  Date Animal was Lost/Found:__________
Type of Animal:  Dog___     Cat___     Other ________
Male___ Female___     Animals Name:_______________
Breed:_______________ Color:____________
Wearing Collar?  Yes___   No___ Type/Color:____________________
Microchip? Yes___ No___    #____________________
Tags?    Yes___ No___ License #_____________   Township/Vet:________________
Location where Lost/Found:______________________
Identifying Marks:__________________
Owners/Finders Info:
 Address: _________________________________________                 
 Home #___________________
 Cell #_____________________
 Work #____________________

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