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Can a sump pump drain be hooked into the sanitary sewer line?

Category: Sump Pump Drainage
NO, a sump pump cannot be hooked into the sanitary sewer line.  This is against township ordinance.
Water from the sump pump should be drained into the owner's own back yard and cannot drain on neighboring properties.  
Water can also be drained into the street along the curb line, as long as it does not create a hazardous condition, such as ice.

The ideal method for drainage is to have a pipe underneath the ground that hooks into the inlet.  However, this is cost prohibitive.

To discuss sump pump drainage options, submit a Citizen Service Request under "Drainage Concerns, Sump Pump Drainage" and someone from the Engineering Department will contact you.
Updated 3/5/2012 4:19 PM
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