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If I am eligible for the Disability/Surviving Spouse Deduction, how do I apply?

To apply, you must speak to a representative in the Tax Assessor's Office by calling 890-3654 or submit a citizen service request (select request type "Taxes", "Property Tax Deductions").  Please provide your full name, complete mailing address, phone number, and type of deduction you are applying for.  The Tax Assessor's Office will get back to you.

If it is determined that you are eligible, the Tax Assessor's Office will mail you an application and cover sheet with instructions.  Bring or mail completed application to the Tax Assessor's Office located in the basement of the Municipal Building, 2090 Greenwood Ave., Hamilton, NJ 08609.

Mailing Address:
PO Box 150
Hamilton, NJ 08650

Updated 5/21/2015 3:18 PM
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