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How do I record a deed with the Township and what is the fee?

Category: Deed Plotting

The fee for recording a deed is $25.00.  This is usually paid by the title company.  It can take 8 weeks for the township to receive the deed from the county.  

Property owner can provide this information and fee to the Engineer office.  Copies of the original deed are accepted as long as the copy has the County volume and page number on the bottom to verify that it has been recorded in the County.
Fee and deed can be brought in person or mailed to the Township of Hamilton, Engineering Division, Room 307, 2090 Greenwood Ave., Hamilton, NJ 08609.

Recordings can usually be accomplished while you wait.  Deed, fee and proof of age/permanent disability (if applicable) can be brought in person or mailed to:

                                                   Township of Hamilton
                                                   Division of Engineering
                                                   Room 307
                                                   2090 Greenwood Ave.
                                                   Hamilton, NJ 08609

Updated 7/8/2016 9:16 AM
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