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What is the process for handling residential high grass complaints?

If the grass and/or weeds is at least 10 inches high, submit a Citizen Service Request (request type "Grass", "High Grass Residential").  A Health Inspector will investigate the complaint to see if it warrants a violation; the grass and/or weeds must be at least 10 inches high (in accordance with Municipal Code of Ordinance Sec 66-71). 

 If the height of the grass and/or weeds meet this criteria:

A violation is issued to the property owner;

The property owner has 5 days to cut the grass/weeds;

The health inspector will re-inspect again after 5 days to see if the resident complied with the   violation order;

If not, a work order is issued to notify Public Works that they need to cut the grass.

The resident is billed for this service and failure to pay results in a lien being placed on the property. 



Updated 3/2/2012 10:40 AM
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