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How much snow must fall before you begin snow plowing operations and what roads get plowed first?

Category: Twp Roads/PW
  • Each storm is different and there are many variables that are considered when determining when  plowing will begin.
  • On the primary roads, every attempt is made to keep the roadway clear of snow "curb to curb".
  • Primary roads are maintained in a passable condition throughout the entire storm.
  • Once the primary roads have been deemed passable, and that condition can be sustained with fewer resources, a decision to deploy plows into the neighborhoods (secondary roads) is considered.
  • We generally will not enter the secondary roads (neighborhoods) to plow snow unless the accumulated snow is going to be problematic.
  • Driveways will not be cleared.
  • Population density dictates what portions of the township are plowed first.
  • We will apply anti-icing chemicals on streets prior to the onset of frozen precipitation when appropriate.
  • We will apply deicing chemicals on snow pack and ice to improve conditions on the neighborhood streets.
  • In the event of snowpacked streets, where the snowpack can not be melted with chemicals because of very cold temperatures, we will apply sand/abrasives to improve traction.
Updated 1/6/2015 8:44 AM
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