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What do I need to do to change my name or note the death of a person on my tax records?

Category: Deed Plotting

To change the name on tax records due to marriage, bring a copy of your marriage certificate to the Engineering Division.  

To change tax records in the case of death, bring a copy of the death certificate to the Engineering Division. This only changes the tax records for Hamilton Township and does not change the deed.  If the relationship is husband and wife this is not really necessary since by virtue of the relationship, ownership is automatic.

 If the relationship is other than husband and wife, the deed must state "right of survivorship".  If this is stated,  a copy of the deed and the death certificate can be brought to the Engineer Division.  If this is not stated, the deed must be legally changed and we will receive a copy once it is recorded with the county.

There is a $25 fee to change tax records.  Changing a deed must be done through a legal process.
Updated 12/18/2014 9:23 AM
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