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What type of work requires an Electrical Permit?

Category: Electrical Permits

Electrical Permits Issued Over the Counter (same day)
    5 or Less Electrical Fixtures
    100 Amp Service or Less
    Annual Pool Permit

AC/Heat-also requires Plumbing Permit
Alarm Devices-also requires a Fire Permit
Baseboard Heat
Dishwasher Receptacles
Oven Receptacles
Electrical Water Heaters
-also requires a Plumbing Permit
Fire Alarm Panels-also requires a Fire Permit
Fire Protection System-also requires a Fire Permit
Furnaces (New Installation)-also requires a Fire and Plumbing Permit
Hardwired Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors-also requires a Fire Permit
Light Fixtures, Receptacles, Switches
Services (new and replacement)
Subpanels (new and replacement)
Pools (in-ground and above ground)/Hot tubs/Jacuzzi/Spas
Also requires an Electrical Permit.
Above ground pools shall require a plot plan of the site showing the location of the pool and any appurtenances.
Bring the proper documents to the Land Use Office, Room 307 in the Municipal Building.
Hot Tub/Jacuzzi/Spa:
Before any permits can be obtained, the property survey must be reviewed by the Land Use Office.  To schedule an appointment to review your survey, please contact the Land Use Office at
In-ground pools shall require a grading plan showing existing and proposed grades and the proposed flow of surface drainage. The plan is to be presented with the application(s). The plan must also show the location of the proposed pool and any appurtenances and must be signed and sealed by a New Jersey Professional Engineer.
Bring the proper documents to the Land Use Office, Room 307 in the Municipal Building.









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