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How, where and when can I obtain a dog license?

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The dog license section is located in the Health Building, 2100 Greenwood Avenue (next to the Municipal Building). The dog license department is open Monday - Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.   When applying for a current Dog License, you will need proof of current rabies vaccine which must be valid through November of that year, and any documentation if dog is neutered or spayed. If you have already renewed your license since your dog was neutered or spayed, this information should be on file.   
Applications are also accepted through the mail. You can obtain an application for a dog license from your Municipal Calendar during the month of January or by printing the application form available on the web. You may also apply for the dog license through the Township portal. CLICK HERE

Please mail the completed form to the  address shown on application. Be sure to include all necessary information such as the dog's name, breed, color, hair length, sex, age, rabies certificate, and sterilization documentation.

For more information please call the Division of Health at (609) 890-3825.

Updated 12/31/2018 9:58 AM
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