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How do I obtain a Civil Union License?

  • Approximately two weeks before the ceremony, applicant A and applicant B and one witness must come into the Health Department to apply for a license.  Effective March 1, 2007, ALL  CIVIL UNION LICENSE APPLICATIONS WILL BE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Call (609) 890-3826 to schedule an appointment no earlier than 2 weeks before intended civil union date.  Effective July 10, 2004, All Domestic Partner certifications will be by appointment only.  Call (609) 890-3826 to schedule an appointment.
  • The witness must be at least eighteen years of age and has known both  applicant A and applicant B for at least six months.  The witness may be a family member.
  • Applicant A and applicant B must have their birth certificates and social security cards or W-2 forms when they apply.
  • If either applicant A and applicant B has previously been in a Domestic Partnership, they must bring in their domestic partnership papers or a death certificate (if applicable) when they fill out the application.
  • There is a seventy-two hour waiting period (three days) from the time of completing the application until the license can be picked up. The license fee is $28.00 (cash or check). Applicant A or  applicant B, or whomever they designate can pick the license up.

    Hours for applying for a license are Monday through Friday by appointment only.  Call (609) 890-3826 to schedule appointment for license application.

  • If you have further questions, please contact Vital Statistics Office at (609) 890-3826.

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