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What is the Housing Rehabilitation Program?

The Housing Rehabilitation Program is designed to provide homeowners with a means to make necessary repairs to their home.  The homeowner must live in the house.  This is a forgivable loan, where if the homeowner stays in the house for more then 10 years after the repairs are made, there is no loan; it becomes a grant.  If the homeowner moves out or sells the home it is prorated accordingly. There are no exceptions.

Who is eligible? 

·        Income requirements apply;  

·        Asset requirements.  Maximum of $20,000 and not having ownership in any other residence;

·        Must be a Hamilton Township Resident/Owner;

·        Must be the owner and reside in the house.

How do I apply? 

·        Applications can be mailed or resident can stop in to the Office of Housing, located at 2090 Greenwood Ave, Basement. 

·        After the application is filled out and homeowner has compiled all the necessary documents, they need to make an appointment with the Housing Office to review the paperwork.  Call 890-3675 to set up an appointment.  The information that they must compile is outlined on the brochure that is sent out; items like Source of Income, Tax Bill, Sewer Bill, Proof of  Homeowner’s Insurance, Copies of any assets, etc.

What repairs are covered?

·        Roofs,

·        Heating Systems,

·        Windows,

·        Siding,

·        Plumbing,

·        Electrical,

·        Other items to bring the house to Township Code, or Section 8 Housing Quality Standards.

Who determines what repairs are needed?

·        Primarily the homeowner, however, with the advisement of the Township

Inspector and Cost Estimator, suggestions will be made.

·         Life, safety issues will come first.

·         NO cosmetic repairs will be done.

Will the Township select a contractor?

·        No, the Township has comprised a list of Contractors who are licensed to do business with the Township, however, the homeowner is entitled to select any one he/she wants.

·         The only provision is that the Contractor must be licensed by the Township and the State.

·        The homeowner will select five contractors to whom the bids will go out to and the lowest bidder will be approved.  A minimum of two bids are required per HUD regulations.

Is there a maximum limit that the homeowner is eligible for?

·        Yes, $ 15,000.00.  However, this is on a sliding scale based on family size and the income of the entire family residing there.

Is there a mortgage attached to the property?

·        Yes, until the 10 years are over or should the amount get repaid.

Will the work that is received under this program be inspected?

·        Yes, it will be inspected by the program’s inspector during and upon completion and if needed by other inspectors that the Township requires.


Does this program have any effect on the Township’s budget?

·        The projects are primarily funded by the Office of Housing and Urban Development of the Federal Government.  The funds are allocated each year   

and can be used until exhausted.

·        The Administrative portion has a minimal affect on the Township budget.

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