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Is Hamilton Township responsible for trimming/removing a tree on my property?

In accordance with township ordinance, all curbside trees (tree located between the curb and sidewalk) are the homeowner's responsibility to maintain.  However, if the curbside tree is dead, dying or causing sewer related problems, as a courtesy, Hamilton Township will remove the tree.  The Department of Public Works will make an inspection of the curbside tree and if the tree calls for township service, the tree will be placed on a list and will be scheduled for removal according to the date of listing.

If the resident cannot wait, they have the township's approval to remove the tree themselves or have it professionaly done at their own expense.  The township assumes no responsibility for the location of any utilities or damage from any accident caused by the removal of the tree.  It is recommended that the resident check with the utility companies for removal involving any wires or in-ground services.

Should the resident decide to remove the tree themselves or have a contractor remove it, notify Public Works so that their name can be removed from the list.

If the tree is creating a hazard over the roadway, the township will trim the tree to eliminate the hazard. 

If the tree is interfering with the electrical lines, Public Works will make an inspection to determine if PSE&G needs to be involved.

If the curbside tree is down and lying in the road, the township will remove the tree.

If the tree is located from the sidewalk back, it is the homeowner's responsibility to maintain and/or remove the tree.  If the tree has caused damage to a home or any other property, the homeowner should contact their property insurance provider.

Updated 1/29/2013 2:10 PM
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