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Are there pavilions available at Veteran's Park?

Category: Picnic Permit

Veterans Park is available for picnics from March through October.  There are two picnic areas available for rental, the Court Games Pavilion located using Kuser Road (South) and the Playground area located using Klockner Road (North).  

The court games pavilion area includes grills, picnic tables, volleyball courts and a pavilion.  The playground area includes grills, picnic tables, playground and a pavilion.  Grill reservations are not offered.  Use is on a first come basis; however, preference is given to groups of over 15 people because a picnic permit is required for groups larger than 15 people
If the group is expected to exceed 15 attendees, a park permit is required.  
All picnic requests must be in person in the Recreation office.  There will be a request form to fill out and availability will be checked while they are there.  They must bring in the following in order to secure the date requested:
Photo ID; Deposit of $100 (will be refunded "if" all the rules are followed); Plus Park Usage Fee $50 Resident and $100 Non-Resident.
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